I've decided to take my revenge upon Top-40 listening co-worker. Now, I really like this gal, but if I have to listen to Jessica Fucking Simpson yodel "You Take My Breath Away" one more time, I'm gonna take somebody's breath away! No kidding. I heard that song FIVE times today! FIVE FREAKIN' TIMES! GAAAAAAAAH! Oh yeah. My revenge. I purchased my very own desk AM/FM/CD player. And I just may bring my Social Distortion CD to work on Monday. See how she likes a little Punk/Rock with her Cheerios...

Job is good. Really, really good. I'm doing some very exciting stuff. Can't say what, because it's super, duper CONFIDENTIAL. Really cool stuff though. And my boss is starting to believe I'm not retarded now, so that's a good thing.


Has anyone but me noticed how since some hard questions started being asked, the Bush Administration has managed to spin their story of WHY we went into Iraq, from WMD's and Saddam being in bed with Al Queda, to the U.S. of A. being responsible for bringing freedom and democracy to the planet - single handedly? I'm just asking, because I haven't heard anyone comment on it, and since Al Franken's "Air-America" got axed from the airwaves in L.A., I don't hear much at all from the Left.


I need to start showing some fiscal restraing pretty quickly. I'm spending money faster than a drunken Sailor on leave in Tijuana.

Tomorrow, we won't spend much cash though. We're riding the rails. I hope we make it back in once piece.

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