It's payday again!!! Each and every Thursday they give me an assload of money. LA LA LA LA LAAAAA!!!!

It's also a great day, because my child decided to get it together, and she cleaned the house, and baked cookies, and made dinner. I'd swear it was my birthday, but she never does cool stuff like that for my birthday. So, tonight, instead of sweating over a hot sink of stanky dishes, I get to watch Survivor in peace!

We didn't blow up today. Not one shopping mall exploded. That rocks. It especially rocks when the Beverly Center mall doesn't blow up. They eye candy and the celebrity shoppers at the Beverly Center are just too precious to lose.... The kid went to our local mall today. She said she was ready to die if necessary, but she really, really needed to shop.

Did you figure out why Bush and Cheney needed to sit together in order to testify before the 9/11 commission? Duh! It's because if they weren't that close, Dick couldn't keep his hand up Dubya's back in order to move his mouth!

Psssst... I've got a severe girl-crush on someone at my new job... Seriously. No. SERIOUSLY.

Okay. I'm off to enjoy an ice cream cone and a bit of Survivor. Life is good!

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