I'm soooooo relaxed these days. And work is much better. Like this morning, I accidentally disconnected the Senior Vice President of the biggest bank in the USA - and his conference call of two other people? Yeah. Lost all three of 'em. Didn't even break a sweat. Fugettaboutit!

And yesterday, it was too hot to go outside at lunch (99 degrees, people), so I had a pasta salad in the lunchroom and watched drag races on ESPN on the big, huge giant flat screen TV. Yep. Darned relaxed.

I do miss being able to wile away my days on the internet. I got so desperate this afternoon, I clicked on MSN.com, just to have something from cyberspace to read.


Me and the kid and Reggie are planning a camping trip. We love to camp, but the Metro won't make it up the mountain, plus somebody stole a lot of my camping gear - so it's been a while since we camped. I've started replenishing the gear. I got a cooler and a couple of really cool looking chairs today. Next week, it's sleeping bags and a stove. I've got the rest of the gear, somewhere in this apartment. When we decide to camp, we're going to rent a car (or maybe even an SUV) for the weekend. Something with more than three spark plugs will do nicely. And we're going to our favorite lake to hike, and cook, and toast marshmallows - and tell scary stories to the dog. I can't wait!


Oh, man, I have been enjoying watching the news lately. From the Larry King show, to the Early Show - Dubya is taking a serious spanking lately. And I for one, am LOVING IT! Asshat...

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