Tonight Reggie and I went for a walk by the community gardens. They closed the gardens on March 31st so our fair city could "extend" the park. Now, instead of a lovely organic garden, full of things for our local birds to eat and feed their young - not to mention all the wonders of nature growing, celebrating the seasons yadda yadda yadda... we'll have a couple more acres of green grass. Blah. Grass that needs watering and watering. Boring old grass.

Oh yeah. Where was I? The community garden, that's right. Nobody has been tending the garden for nearly two months and boy oh, boy nature has taken over! Weeds and wildflowers, frogs and bugs of all sorts are in there. The poor gophers have taken to extending their tunnels way outside the fence, looking for food. I almost feel sorry for those little buck-toothed bastards.

At any rate, while I was waiting for Reggie to make a poop, I spied a bush full of blackberries. Nobody's blackberries... I reached my fingers in through the fence as far as they could go, and carefully plucked a dark, plump berry off the vine and popped it into my mouth. Mmmmmmm Mmmmm! Nothing is better than forbidden fruit, ya know?


I have to make a correction to my previous entry. My kid's Presari0 isn't 210GB it's only (only???) 120GB. Dyslexia strikes again.


I love watching CSPAN during "special order" speeches. That's when (I think) representatives can get up and blab on about whatever is on their minds - and get into some sort of history recording. Sometimes it's a real hoot. These days, it's GREAT! Those Democrats are just going for the throat of the administration - like wolves on a downed caribou! Seriously. It's comedy gold!

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