Poor Reggie! We took him to have his rabies and other vaccinations yesterday, like good pet owners, and today he can barely walk! He is having a pretty rough time with the after-effects of the shots. Pain at the vaccination site and lethargy. I spoke with a vet this morning and he said to watch for hives or allergic type symptoms or difficulty breathing. So far, none of that, but I feel really sorry for Reggie. The kid had to carry him down three flights of stairs this morning so he could go pee. Me? I've been giving him treats and letting him lie on the sofa watching Animal Planet... He seems a bit more chipper now. Poor, poor Reggie.


Okay. This is really hard to figure out. This morning, I was watching Face the Nation, when that big toothed guy, Robert Novak reported on Dumbya's little speech to the Republicans earlier this week. He said it was awful. He said that Bush blabbed on like he was at a fund-raiser, telling everyone how wonderful things were (fucking idiot probably believes things ARE wonderful...), and that the attendees were pretty pissed he allowed no questions. Novak stated that Bush is losing a crucial portion of his supporters (about 20% of Republicans) and the only way to get them back is to come down hard against gay marriage. Okay. Let's see here. We have an incumbant president, who is running for re-election and he needs to base his campaign on hatred and bigotry in order to win................... And we have people who are saying that on national network televsion, like it wasn't completely assholish and wrong?!? I ask you - What the fuck?

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