GODDAMMIT AL! If you'd only showed that much passion and direction back in 2000, we wouldn't be getting our asses blasted off over there in Iraq!

I watched Al Gore's speech on CSPAN tonight. I recommend viewing it if you can. Very inspiring. Very.

He mentioned something about more bad news on the prison scandal front coming out today. Funny, I had my radio tuned to the news station all day long and I heard nothing. Not a peep. All I got to hear every 22 minutes was blathreing about some terrorist threat or other. Like THAT isn't a factor every blessed day. Of course with news that vicious killers are after our babies, nobody wants to hear that the prison abuse was completely wide-spread, and that the administration had a policy in place to move prisoners around so as to be unavailable to the Red Cross when they came to inspect... Nope. None of that! It's time the American people started being "on the lookout" (that cracks me up every time I hear it) for those seven terrorists that are on the loose!

Yeah. Me and Reggie are going out to canvas the neighborhood right now.

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