[big] Heh... This takes a while to load, but it's funny as hell! THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, STARRING DUBYA AND JOHN KERRY


I think I'm recoving from West Nile Virus. We live across the street from a lake - or rather, a flood-channel that looks like a lake. It's filled with birds of all denominations, and there are signs around the neighborhood from the County health department stating WNV has been detected in our area... That's plenty good enough to get this hypochondriac going. Seriously though. I've had muscle aches, weird, nerve stuff - like my arms have been tingling and my fingers aching, my feet have been cramping, I've been exhausted and feeling "unwell". Today is much better, so I think I'm gonna live. But really, I think I had it! Does that mean I can't get it again? I'm "pre-disastered"?


Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to note this! Yesterday, I was playing on line, looking at affordable new cars. I decided that I could purchase - next June when I get my next raise - a Toyota Echo, or a Hyundai Accent - both of which are pretty good little cars. I even (just for fun) applied on-line for an auto loan. I freakin' qualified - and now I've got car dealers calling my left and right! Verrrrry tempting to know I could just drive out my driveway, down the street, and come back home in a shiny new car... I'm going to wait until next June. I am! But I could get a new car today!!!!!! Yippee!!!!


Pick up "Newsweek" next week. Read what they'e uncovered, and please, please, please contact your representatives in order that they stop the insanity of postponing the elections!!! on account of a terrorist "threat"... These are the same assholes who wanted us to keep shopping so the terrorists wouldn't "win". Now, Dubya figures he can remain (p)resident a while longer under some sort of Martial Law... We've simply got to stop the madness, people! ***********************************
Edited to add - I just checked my Guestbook and nearly laughed myself silly! I guess miss PoeticaL or whatever the fuck your handle used to be just couldn't get over my giving her a piece of my mind back in "the past"... Good to know I had such a lasting impression. And good to know you're not as crazy any more... Oh, wait - YOU STILL ARE!!!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

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