Well I'm convinced. The 9/11 panel has made their opinion known. After months and months of grueling questions (*hack*) and forthright testimony (*cough*) they've pretty much decided we suffered from a "lack of imagining" or some such bullshit. Nobody was reeeeeaaally at fault, and in order to keep us all safe from the bad-guys, our intelligence community should hire a baby sitter. Can't wait for Dick, Don and Dub to pick one of their best buddies for that job!

This all gives me a terrible case of gas...


Last night there was a mosquito in my house. Therefore, I slept with my head under the covers and only my nose was sticking out for fresh air. I woke up sweating a couple of times, but the fear of West Nile Virus was overwhelming. I have a couple of red, itchy dots on my left hand. Don't know if it's from that disease carrying bloodsucker, or if they're from one of the bazillions of fleas my dog has (Advantage hasn't kicked in for some reason). At any rate, I'm a gonner for sure, one way or another.

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