I think I'm going to change my last name. When I got divorced, I kept my married name for two reasons. One - I hated my maiden name and was glad to be rid of it, and Two - I didn't want to have a different last name than my kidlet. These days, I am thinking that One - I don't want any part of my former husband to be associated with me - except for the kidlet, which is unavoidable - and Two - the last name I've chosen is an old family name, and put together with my first name sort of makes me sound famous... Yeah. I'm going to check that out when I sign off this entry.

I don't have much more to say tonight, so I'm going to recommend some fabulous diary's for your edificaiton and enjoyment:

You should really read THIS clever entry - especially the "Bushism" at the end. I can't believe Joe Leiberman think's we're crazy if we notice that Dubya hauls out a new terror warning every time somebody calls him on his shit. Personally, I have felt for a long time that Joe Leiberman is just a Republican in disguise. And not a very good disguise, either!

It's madness... We should all just relax and go on a CRUISE like my buddy Thomas did. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Well, I'm off to find out how to change my name.

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