I guess I'm not going to change my name after all... See, these days, with all the identity theft and terrorism going on, they make it so you have to go through the court system to make a name change. And the courts charge between $200 and $500 to file the papers! Thieving bastards! I'm not spending that kind of dough on something so frivolous as my name. I'll just start calling myself by my new name. Sort of a 'nom de plume' or what-have-you...

We sent away for my kid's high school diploma on Friday. She's done with all that now, and she can enroll in community college at the tender age of 16. A lot of the time, I wonder if this all was the right thing to do. At the time we took her out of public school, it seemed like the ONLY thing to do. If she had stayed in public school, she wouldn't have paid attention in class, and it would have been just day after day after week after month of being called by the school to pick her up, because she was too upset to stay and was causing a huge scene in class and being a pain in the ass.

At least this way, she's more or less sane from day to day. (With more or less being the operative words).

Bad news on the legal front... I suddenly became aware that I have no last will and testament. With my situation of legal custody of the kid, and a nutcase for her dad, I panicked thinking I might croak-over before she reaches the age of majority (18 in our state) and custody of her would immediately go to the nutcase father. Even though he's the reason I have sole custody of the kid in the first place! (Remember, even 0.J. Simpson got custody of his kids, and he wacked their mom!) I did some reasearch, trying to find a way around this. Bottom line - there isn't one. I simply have to stay alive until August 23, 2005.

I'd better start taking vitamins!

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