Yesterday I had my thyroid ultrasounded for the second time. I have this little thyroid nodule on the left side. I only discovered it about six months ago due to a slight pain when I yawned. After it didn't go away for three weeks, I sought medical attention. They scanned me and found a little thingy. I had a follow up yesterday.

Thing is, I think it may be growing, because my singing voice hasn't been the same for a few weeks now. I sing. I know how my voice should sound - has sounded for my whole life. I can't seem to get the same "rumble" I normally do. This concerns me.

Plus, I SAW the thing on the ultrasound!!! Jesus, it was right there! Errrrgh....

Instead of freaking out, I'm going to keep reciting the following mantra:

1. 95% of all thyroid nodules are benign.

2. Of the 5% that are cancerous, most of those are 80-95% curable.

3. Although there are a couple of thyroid cancers that are NOT curable at all, those are very rare...

And, when my doctor phones me with her assessment, I'm going to DEMAND a fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid, because as fun as it is to look at my nodule, the ONLY way to tell if it's benign or cancerous is to do that biopsy. Then I'm going to seek a new doctor, because how is it that I know that and she doesn't???


Tomorrow night? I'm coloring my hair. I'm going from this 49 year old blondish gray hair that makes me look washed out - to M@rtina McBride Auburn! I'm scared to death to make the change since I've been a blonde all my life. But I think the dark hair color will make my blue eyes "pop"... Or, I'll look really bad and have to make an emergency trip to the hairdresser on Sunday.

I guess the old adage "Life not worth living if you not take risk" really applies to my hair.

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