Western civilization is in steep deline.

Evidence: The cover of this week's "Pe0ple Magazine" whereupon Brittney Spears and her "blended family" appear without one whit of shame! She sits there, smiling all toothy for the camera, while her "fiance"'s current wedded wife just gave birth to his second child... Blended family my aunt Fanny! That's a whore on the cover of that magazine, plain and simple. If somebody who wasn't a celebrity cheated with a married man whose sacredly wedded wife was carrying his precious seed - why there would be no end to the hue and cry. Brittney Spears gets the front page of a national mag!

God forbid that a couple of homos who have been together in a functional relationship for years and years want to get their relationship made official, because that's just - you know... wrong. That might "put our children in danger".

Brittney Spears? She's just the perfect example of correct behavior for our children to look up to. Gosh, I can't wait until my own kid finds a family she can wreck!


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