Oh yeah. I'm hitting the nearly 50 midlife crisis right about now.

I'll be effing 50 years old in November.



So I'm getting squirrely. Dying the hair a beeeeutiful color the shade of a new penny.

Beginning a new physical fitness routine today.

Thinking about doing something cool and dramatic like moving to deepest, darkest Africa to care for the orphans... Well, maybe not that dramatic.

I've decided that in my 50th year, I will get laid. That's my resolution. I'll let you know how it goes

At any rate, I'm feeling squirrely, and irritable (but in a good and creative way), and the last time I felt like this I had a mad affair and ended up divorced. So, who knows what I'm capable of now...

Oh yeah. I'm going to begin by writing a letter to John McCain. I've never been so disappointed in a public servant before. To turn his back on his integrity in order to stick his nose up Dubya's ass and help get him re-elected (especially with the close ties Dubya has to the "Swiftb0at Veterans for "truth" and that trumped up ad GAAAAAH). I just want to write and tell him that I'm very disappointed in him as a person and as a veteran and as a citizen.

Yeah. That's a good start for me today.

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