So, I'm at the dentist today. A new dentist, courtesty of our craptastic dental plan...

The dentist was great! Really got a good feeling from him, like he knows his shit, that he is thorough and careful and a good dentist all around.

The kid and I went for our initial check-ups and teeth cleaning. No biggie.

They took a set of full-mouth x-rays of me, since I hadn't had that done in years and years. The dentist came in to look at them and asked me about a section of my mouth that does give me trouble. I explained the history of the mouth. He said he wanted to take some additional x-rays just to "rule-out some things"...

Anyhoo, his chatty assistant came in and was trying to get the best pictures she could, and called out to him - asking what he wanted the x-rays for. (An extraction? A root canal?) He hollered "I'm suspicious of pathology in that jaw"

*sound of me peeing my pants*

So the chatty assistant took more x-rays and developed them by hand, and kept finding stuff in them she said she didn't know what they were, and dropping the x-rays into the sink... I was starting to get verrrrry nervous about my jaw and what might be inside it.

After what seemed like an hour, the dentist came in and looked at the new x-rays. He said "Well, I'm feeling much better about that!"

HE was feeling better????


My mouth was fine. Well, except for the few areas of gum that are showing signs of infection and inflammation. He wants to deep clean those areas and to shoot antibiotics into the infected pockets. To the tune of $660!!!!!

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