I've put the first phase of my "50 years old, gonna get laid" plan into effect.

Reggie and I are getting into shape!

Yesterday, we walked a mile together. It was no problem for me, except I wore my sneakers with no socks and my feet were pinching on the way back. Reggie however, just about fell out he was so tired. When we were nearly back home, he tried to stop walking and sit under a tree... Pussy-boy!

Today it's about a million degrees outside. Much too hot to walk in daylight. Where did the heat come from? Did the weather guy forget to warn us while he was blathering on about the hurricane? Sheesh! It's difficult to breath outside. We're headed for the beach later. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler there. (Though I am secretly hoping to talk the kid into hitting a movie instead. Much cooler temperature, plus a whole lot less sweaty tourists to rub up against in a theater).

I re-colored my hair last night too. I'm never going back to blonde! The downside of using L'0real's "demi-permanent" hair color "Chestnut" is it's expensive. If I don't re-apply every two weeks or so, my hair turns a particularly unflattering shade of strawberry blonde. I was looking into permanent hair color, but it's scary how it works on the hair when ammonia meets peroxide! I'm a bit frightened to try that. I'm going to contact L'0real's 800 line and ask some questions. Maybe in two weeks I'll be better informed and braver. I mean, when one considers how many women color their hair, there aren't that many bald ones walking around, right?

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