I just love FACTCHECK.ORG!
After each debate, they list all the bullshit that was thrown...

I had an interesting, if brief, conversation with two of my co-workers. One, an old, burned-out biker - who votes Republican, and another, somewhat "regular joe" - about Theresa Heinz Kerry.

They both said they didn't mind her husband all that much, but that she was "crazy" and "a loon"... Huh????

I haven't heard too much from her, so I can't say for sure, but what I have heard in no way makes her appear insane.

My theory is that even today, in 2004 - a woman with an opinion is just too frightening for men to handle. They cannot stand up to it. They prefer females to be docile and agreeable. A strong, capable woman bothers them...

I asked my brother about this because I believe he would be honest with me. He said that he too thought she was a bit of a loon. But his response sounded somewhat hesitant. Like he didn't quite believe himself.
I should never have visited any of those websites that report flu-vaccine side-effects and bad reactions. Now I'm freaked out about how much mercury I've injested over the last ten or so years with these vaccinations! I'll probably start getting alzheimers next month the way it sounds!

And did you know that there is a rather common reaction - of recipients suffering with red eyes and swollen faces the next day? Yeah. They don't tell you that on the news programs...

Not to mention that my own dear child began her severe OCD symptoms a couple of days after receiving a flu shot two years ago this month. I can't say it caused her problems because she's got a genetic bent toward this stuff and she was always a little OCD-ish. But she went full-bore after that shot and she's never been the same since. And of course, she doesn't get flu shots any more. Ever.

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