I haven't been able to update lately because my kid has discovered "Sims 2"... This morning, when my alarm went off? She was just crawling into bed! Crazy kid! I suppose it's better than her being in some crack den all night.

Let's see. What's been going on in my world lately?

Got a flu shot last night. (I have to. I have asthma). I stood in line at the local W@lgreens with 300 old codgers. And it was really fun! We became like a family, handing forms and pens and bandaids to each other. We learned about whose prostate was enlarged, and who was going on a Mexican cruise in November. The line snaked around the aisles, so we got to examine different products (adult di@pers, foot powders and headache remedies to name but a few). And I got to be on TV!!!! Our local F0X affiliate was there. I saw our group this morning on the news, but I missed seeing me. I was looking for a blonde. Nowadays I'm a red head, and I couldn't find myself. My 15 minutes of fame - blown...

I don't feel all that great tonight, which I'm certain is an after-affect of the shot. Achey and headachey (my brain is no doubt inflammed from god only knows what was in that vaccine.
Watched the debate tonight. I think it was a draw. I kept looking in Dubya's ears to find that ear-bud he was obviously wearing. (Did anyone else notice he said the same stuff Cheney said - exactly the same way? "The Brits, the French and the Germans" The Brits???? Who calls them that except for Cheney and Dubya? He also did that "I don't know where to begin" line that Cheney did. So, I guess it isn't Carl Rove who is whispering in Dubya's ear. It's Uncle Dick.
The other night I was at the ATM at my bank when a grumpy looking older man showed up and just started talking to me and another guy. It goes something like this:

Grumpy Old Man: "You know that guy who decided to make those vaccines in England? They ought to take him out and kill him!"

Me: "Well that's your President! He just loves to outsource things!"

Grumpy: "Yeah. It's those goddamned Republicans!"

Me: "We ought to outsource his job"

Completely Different Guy: "Well that's exactly what we're going to do in about a month!"

Me: "Right on, brother!"

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