Well, I guess I've already received the best darned birthday present a gal could ever need (one month early)...

I've been sexually harassed!

Yep. It happened today. To me, a nearly 50 year old woman! Woot!

Except it also sort of pisses me off...

It started out innocently. There's this guy at work who seems nice enough. Good looking enough. seventeen years my junior. He's been flirting with me for months, but I paid him no mind - considering our ages - I just thought he was "friendly".

Yesterday, he cornered me and asked me out on a date. I started laughing hysterically, which appeared to have hurt his feelings. So I explained why I was laughing. 1. I'm older. 2. I work for the guy who wrote the 'non-fraternization' policy 3. I gave up dating men 5 years ago and haven't missed them at all.

He asked me if I "played for the other team".

So I told him I was an honorary member!

Well I guess that just intrigued him further, because today he started emailing me. Nice at first. Simple. And then, more sexual in nature... When I stopped responding to the emails, he sent me two off-color, innappropriate "jokes", which I also ignored. And then, after about an hour he emailed me saying he had gotten my "hint"...

(Of course, I saved his emails to my hard drive, just in case he turns out to be a stalker/axe murderer)

See. This is why I've given up on men. Things start out nicely, but they just turn to shit so fast. And it just pisses me off that a perfectly (seeming) nice guy had to go all sex-pervert on me! Blech!

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