There are an assload of cars on the road today - in the middle of a sunny day - driving with their lights on. It's got to be some sort of political statement, right? What group is commanding a show of lights in the middle of the day? Did somebody famous die? I haven't been watching the news lately, as I'm sick of all of it... Lots of the vehicles were large, or trucks - so if it was political, it had to be the right-wingers. My people drive sensible autos.

I'm considering having a pizza party on Tuesday night, but I might be too nervous to eat anything.

I had my hair cut earlier. It's short. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's too late to do anything. The guy who cut it did a fabulous job cutting. It's just that it's so short, I resemble an aging Dutch boy. Ah, well. This might just cement my new reputation as the office lesbian...

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