Did you know that Manitoba and Saskachewan are both quite lovely areas? Yes. And they have much farmland and more than a few shiny, happy people...

This makes me happy.

Oh, and they're both pretty far away from densely populated areas down in the U.S. You know, just in case things get a bit "nucular" down here - it's worth thinking about me and the kid getting the hell outta Dodge. At least I can sleep at night believing there is a place to go to get away from all of this.

Except, really, there is no place to go.

I began to wonder about a loving God who answers prayers - after mine regarding the recent Presidential election didn't get answered the way I wanted it to. I began to consider the nature of our current "terror" problem, and I came up with a theory. It's a weird theory, but this is my diary, and I can post any crack-pot theory I choose in here.

You know, this middle-eastern problem has been going on since Abraham! Ever since Abraham knocked up his Egyptian maidservant, in a hairbrained attempt to give his wife, Sara a baby before they were 1,000 years old. Ever since Sara popped up pregnant and Abe cast his maidservant and his FIRSTBORN SON, Ishmael out into the desert to fend for themselves - those Arab people have been pissed off!

Seriously. How would you feel, hundreds of generations of "not good enough"? "Second best"?

Adding to the already bitter hostility, after WWII, the United Nations (back when the U.S. was the puppet master) rounded up and re-located Palestinians into camps on their own land, so the State of Israel could become a haven for the recently nearly exterminated Jews. Israel - a good thing. Camps for Palestinians? Not so much...

When the U.S.(U.N.) had a chance to re-think their actions, what did they do?

NADA. NUTTIN. ZIPPO. Not our problem...

So, the anger festers. New generations grow up hating and being marginalized.

My theory goes something like this: God isn't answering our prayers because he's got a whole plan of his own. I theorize that the U.S. is about to get a long overdue karmic ass kicking. This country has done dirt to so many unfortunate peoples around the world for so many years, there HAS to be a rebound effect at some point. I theorize that this might just be it.

Perhaps in time, the burned out wreckage of this once powerful land will be crawling with bearded, turban wearing men, and women covered from head to foot. And those of us who tried to see clearly, and who did their level best to stop the madness will just have been unfortunate tragedies in the karmic backlash.

Or I could just be listening to too much Public Radio.
On a much lighter note - everyone said I looked very pretty this morning. Geez. All I did was put on a little lipstick! I must look really, really bad most days!

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