I figured out what the ungodly tired feeling I had for two days was... The pre-scratchy throat and sickness I woke up with today.

Great. I feel like crap. I had just resigned myself to a day of lying about under comforters, watching Lifetime Television for Women, when the phone rang.

It was my mother.

She had effed up her remote control and couldn't get her TV to work (for the second time in a month, and the last time I couldnt' figure out what she'd done and she had to call the repair guys out to the tune of $25).

"No, mom. I can't come over to fix your remote. I'm sick. Maybe your next door neighbor lady can look at it for you". (She's the one who brings my mother wine when I'm unable to drop everything and bring her 'round a bottle...)

I caught whateverthefuck I have now, from my mother. I've been over there a lot lately. Groceries. Medication. Bill-paying. Oh, it just goes on and on.

Now, apparently, I've been relegated to small appliance repairs as well.

"Sorry, Mom. I really can't come over today. I'm sick..."

"Well, I already have a cold. So it should be okay for you to come over"


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