For those who google Choroidal Fissure Cyst and find this page - I know there is not much information on the web about them. But please don't worry. They very rarely cause any problems...


Don't get me started on Condozeeza. You don't have the time, and I sure as shit don't have the energy.


I just got off This Site where I purchased a lovely set of Christmas Cards. I would get the Leather Boy with the Angel, however, I'm not sure my boss would understand it... So, I opted for the lonely tree in the snowy park instead.


Canada won't have me. I'm too old. TOO OLD!! They have a questionnaire, and you get points for stuff like education, skills, knowledge of English and/or French...., AGE. I'm right over the edge for age! They don't want a bunch of toothless old codgers moving up there and being so decrepit nobody will give them a job. I guess they figure I'd just be a big drain on their economy.

Age-ist bastard Canadians!!!!

November 16, 2004

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