You know how you think you're having a bad day, when in fact, you actually are not having one? Yeah. That's what happened to me today.

Yesterday, many men climbed up on the roof of our apartment building. They came to tar the roof, which apparently had been leaking into various apartments when it rained (not that it ever rains here). When I got home for lunch, I saw the men, and suddenly realized I had a satellite dish on that very same roof... I entered my apartment to find my child sitting mute on the sofa, staring at a television screen that indicated a search for a satellite was in progress... They had disconnected the satellite dish! Bastards!

I phoned our manager, and got her answering machine (as usual). I explained what had apparently happened, and advised her that the satellite service (D1SH Network) would be charging me a $100 fee to re-connect the dish, and that someone needed to be prepared to pay that fee. (Actually, it would have been $25, but I like to be dramatic at times).

As I was leaving to go back to work, I spotted our handyman, Dino (multiple facial piercings and a beard he has cleverly braided). I pointed out the dish situation. He explained that it was My dish, and other dish owners who had caused the leaks, by installing the dishes directly to the roof and making holes... I only half believe that, but I can't climb up on the roof to examine the evidence. He also asked if I'd gotten permission to install the dish. Um. No. I just figured that since there were already about 15 dishes on the roof when I got mine, it was perfectly okay with management.

Bottom line. I have a one-year contract with D1SH Network, and two months to go. I can't have a satellite dish on the roof, and my apartment faces north, which is the exact opposite of where it needs to face. I'm screwed!.

I awoke this morning to the roofing guys clomping and hammering overhead. I had coffee. I walked the dog. I called D1SH... I explained what had happened and asked if there was anything they could do for me. Nick, the customer service guy was brilliant. He said they couldn't let me out of the contract, but they could disconnect one of the receivers and take away all the special features, reducing my monthly bill from $92 to $24.95. So, instead of two more months of $92, I'll only have two more months of $24.95.

Then, I called T1Me Warner Cable (that I've actually been missing, and looking forward to returning to in January when my D1SH contract is up). Maurice, the customer service guy RAWKED! I explained what had happened to me, and he gave me a deal. When they come to install the cable service tomorrow, I give the installer guy my satellite dish and boxes. T1me Warner will then, in essence, give me $480 for them! Actually, they'll be reducing my monthly cable bill by $20 for two years. My cable bill will be less than when I had D1SH, I get my T1me Warner back (with all the bells and whistles - like HBO Zone - so I can watch OZ every week!) and I get it all tomorrow!!!!

I'm going to clean the apartment now, so it's sparkling when the cable is installed.

Gawd, I'm having a really great bad day!

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