Last night - bed at 1 a.m. (so, make that this morning...)

2 a.m. an unexpected rain storm hits with cracking thunder and lightening. Rain of up to 1 inch per hour (luckily it didn't last an hour)

5 a.m. - the kid "MOM! THERE'S A LEAK IN THE BATHROOM!!!

Water. Pouring from the overhead fan/vent in the bathroom.

Turned on the light in the kid's room and the bulb blew. From the WATER dripping from her light fixture.

We got buckets and towels.

We went back to bed.

7 a.m. Men on roof, brooming gallons of water off the not-yet-finished roofing job they started Friday.

Hot. Hot. Completely hot foreman (honestly, he looked like a freakin' gay porn star - complete with erect nipples you could see under his shirt) said he was really glad the horrible leakage we'd experienced was the worst of it.

Apparently nobody expected rain.

We have cable. Woot!

Too tired to enjoy it though.

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