Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

I'm sitting here in my pajamas (which I have been wearing since last night). I'm about to order pizza. This is my perfect birthday. I watched 4 episodes of "OZ" back to back and took a nap with the cats. They're soooo snuggly.

My kid will be taking me to the movies in honour of the big day (but not today, as that would necessitate me getting showered and dressed).

Tomorrow, we're taking the Metro train from our neighborhood, all the way through Los Angeles (including a bit underground) and into the Valley to Universal City Walk. It's got to be the coolest thing ever! You park your car at the little train station (and there's one about 10 minutes from our home), pay $3.25 and ride through the city - stopping wherever you want, to sightsee or shop - re-boarding whenever a train comes by, and arrive at your destination(hopefully) unscathed in a little over an hour. All we have to do is remember to get back on the train before 9:30 p.m., or we'll be spending the night in the freakin' Valley.

Since the roof flood of last weekend, my daughter's bedroom reeks of mildew. I certainly hope the manager doesn't think she's going to get away with only painting the ceiling...

I'm off to order pizza. Then, I'm popping the funny Gay-Mormon DVD "Latter Days" in, and settling back for a long winter's nap. Again.

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