It's pouring-ass rain here. Seriously raining. Like at 4:00 a.m., I awoke with the urge to use the loo, and whilst sitting there, drops of rain dripped down on my back from the overhead fan. Wind had blown water into the exhaust unit on the side of the building and some rain came into my apartment. Oh, and this afternoon, I hit the super market while it wasn't raining. In the 40 or so minutes I was inside, it rained. So much so, that the water in the parking lot came up to my ankles!

The electric power substation next door groans every couple of hours and the lights dim...

I mean, it's not Jakarta. But it's freakin' wet out there!
Tomorrow, the kid and I will venture outside and travel down the slippery freeway to Universal City Walk. But first we have to take a side trip to pick up the kid's friend Jamie, who is visiting from Chicago. Jamie and the kid are bestest buddies but only get to see one another once a year when Jamie's parents visit L.A. for the holidays. Other than that, it's AIM or the headphones on the computer. I'm happy the kid has a real-life friend, even if her friend thinks she's a vampire and likes to drink her own blood (Which is another entry altogether... *oy vey*)

We're renting a car so we will be safe on the road. Plus if I rent a car, I don't have to clean mine.

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