I haven't updated because, frankly, I don't like thinking about how my life is at the moment. Or, more exactly - how my mother's life is at the moment.

She's in a skilled nursing facility so she can be rehabed back to some version of her pre-fall self.

The place is highly recommended, but it's old and ugly. Filled with lots of old folks on the mend, but also old folks with nowhere else to go and perhaps 90 days left to live... One in particular seems to be in the last stages of Alzheimers. Screaming day and night. Nothing left of her mind, but horror and fear. Just kill me before I get there.

This process is gruesome. Undignified. And very, very sad. I'm not writing about it.

In better news, my car is just about to die. That means I will have no other choice but to purchase a FABULOUS F0rd Focus!!!!!! It's all I'm clinging to these days. A Cobalt Blue F0rd Focus with 4-doors and an automatic transmission! Ohhhh! And Air Conditioning......

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