I hope this is PMS. (I only get PMS about once or twice a year these days, so it's hard to tell)

My life sucks.


I'm $1.10 overdrawn. Know why? Because I'm an idiot. I could have transferred more than EXACTLY how much money I thought I needed. I could have done that. But Nooooooo! I didn't consider that the stupid bank always takes these little couple of dollars here and couple of dollars there charges each month. Did I account for those? Fuck no. Now I'm overdrawn for the first time in over 10 years. God that upsets me.

Not only that, but why, oh WHY am I always broke? It's credit card debt. That's what it is. Fuck. me.

I'm just going to have to quit beating myself up and go forward. Try to do my best to get out of this freakin' debt. Stop frivolously spending each month. Be a grown up.

My mother's mind continues to downgrade. She wasn't even sure if her own son had been to visit her today. I checked. He had. She also denies being given any physical therapy. She was doing PT when my brother visited her today...

On a happier front, Saskatchewan has apparently lowered it's expectations of immigrants. Woot! That means, with a minimal knowledge of French (bathroom. stop sign. hamburger, etc.), and an offer of employment - I can get in!!!!!

I'm thinking that I can raise the necessary funds to travel, if I take up an ad in the RNC website:

"Lifelong Democrat and liberal 18 year old daughter wish to re-locate to Canada for the purpose of interacting with other liberals and spreading liberal dogma. Relocating will free up two guaranteed Democrat votes come the next election. Please click on the Payp@l link. Any and all donations to the relocation fund will be appreciated."

I'll bet there are Repugs who will be happy to part with serious cash to get us out of the country!

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