I love endorphins! Nature's heroin... After work, I picked up the kid and Reggie. We visited grandma and then, to unwind, we walked along the esplanade by the ocean for about 45 minutes. How beautiful the ocean is at night. It was dark, but the moon was bright enough so we could see the white caps of the waves, and the sound was as if there was a wild thing out there, roaring in the night. I would love to walk there every night after work. And the upside is my brain synapsises (synapsees???) are chock-full of endorphins. Everything is just gooooooood right now.

Like for instance, I don't even mind so much that I have about five hairs left on my head. Last night, before my beach stroll, I was so hysterical, I refused to allow a friend to enter my apartment, lest he see me in my new, hairless condition... Yes. I have been abused once more by an overzealous hairdresser. My hair is so short - the DOG has longer hair than me! But I don't mind tonight. I have all those endorphins swimming around in my near-balding head.

I've got a grandma story... My brother was visiting her yesterday and didn't know she was on the bedpan. As they chatted, she asked him to hold her hand. He obliged and asked her why... She said "It helps me to poop."

He ran and got a nurse.

That's my mom. What a pip.

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