Last night, we were assailed by the loudest, scariest, rainiest storm I've ever experienced.

We don't often get thunder and lightening, and I'm really glad about that, because I nearly had a heart attack. BOOM! CRASH! Car alarms going off. Reggie losing his mind, thinking we were under attack.

After an hour and a half of chaos, the noise died away, and I dozed... Drip. Drip. Drip. ON MY PILLOW!!! I think the owner of our building got taken for a ride on that roof job he paid for in November... So, I re-arranged the furniture at 3 a.m.

Turns out, we were in the path of an imbedded thunder storm within a regular storm. Aren't we lucky?

This morning, there was - and still is a lake in our driveway. Seriously. About 8 - 10 inches of water standing in the driveway. We couldn't get the Geo out if we wanted to go anywhere. Which we don't...

I'm cleaning the house, recording all 12 episodes of "Deadwood" and making a pot of chili.

Relaxation - forced or not - is still pretty relaxing.
On the mom front - my brother spoke with one of the doctors, and he said the concensus amongst her medical care-givers is she should NOT return home to her apartment - EVER. Now, our job is to convince her to move into an "Assisted Living" facility, where they will make sure she eats regularly, takes her meds, help her with bathing and dressing, socialize her, etc. All the stuff she can't do for heself. I've registered with an Elder-Care referral service, and some of the local facilities look good. I have to go visit, to make sure they're as nice in person as the brochures make them out to be.

As soon as the lake drains away from the driveway, I'm all over it.

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