The sun is shining. The birds are tweeting. Balloons are - well, they're just everywhere!

Reggie and I christened the LL'rs this morning. We went for our daily constitutional in the park. All around us were dads and sons, tossing the ball back and forth to each other. Of course, Reggie decided to join in the fun, by squatting down for a gigantic, mushy dump right next to a happy, smiling family... I cleaned up as best as I could, however, there was a certain melty quality I couldn't quite overcome.

We got some hard looks...

Turns out I'm not really depressed. Apparently I was whining in my last entry because I was coming down with a certain "sick and dizzy" virus the next day. Ugh.

I'm much recoverd now, and have come to realize that I'm poor, not because I'm wasting my paycheck on frivolous stuff (though my "latte factor" does need to be cut back a bit) - No. I'm poor because for the first time in years, I have the income to NOT use my credit cards. I'm living on my income - AND paying down my considerable debt. Of course I'm not going to have much left over at the end of the week. I suppose you could say that's a good thing.

I'm also becoming quite the little knitter. I can knit things that are long and straight. I've also just learned how to purl. So I can knit and purl, and yarn is cheap. I've got a DVR and am recording the entire first season of "Deadwood", thereby saving $89 off purchasing the DVD set. My child is attending a 2-year college, studying Film and Video Production, and her first semester only cost me $170! We only take generic medications whenever possible.

See? I've become quite accomplished at this money saving stuff.

Oh, and it has stopped raining! Woot!

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