I got fired from my dentist today.


All because I wouldn't give him $600 to put antibiotic laced strings in my gum pockets... Hello??? Did he think I was some kind of a fool? $600 for strings????

I called last week and made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and a $15 prescription for regular antibiotics. This combination was supposed to ease the few areas of gum inflammation I've got going, due extensive dental work, which caused allergic reaction/inflammation/infection, etc. (well that's according to this, my newly former dentist). Seriously. What did they do before somebody came up with these freakin' $600 strings? Of course. They handed out ampicillin and whatnot. They don't like to do that any more, because some villager in Bumfuck Egypt can't get over his staph infections any longer due to rampant antibiotic handouts in the '60s - BUT THAT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Anyway, my former dentist's associate came in and fired me. Then he cleaned my teeth and wished me good luck.


My teeth feel great though. And I've got six months before I have to find another dentist. One who doesn't think I fell off a turnip truck...
On a more nauseating note - my kid is detoxing off Paxil. She's really nauseated. Paxil detox is brutal... She's being put on Zoloft to see if it works better than Paxil. I sure hope it does. That would make all the bletchy stuff worth it.

I'm going to floss now.

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