I'm watching "Soul Food". Gosh, I love that movie. It always makes me cry.

I've been to the gym.

First of all, the "personal trainer" they assigned to me, nearly killed me. I mean, other than one old man, I was the only person in that place who was over 30. And I was in the worst shape of anyone. Did he notice? Did he ask me if I perhaps had a heart condition or hypertension - or any other medical condition a person of my age might have? Nope. He just made me run on that running thing (not the treadmill, that thing that you stand and sort of peddle). Then he took me through 8 machines and caused me to break down muscles and fill them with lactic acid... Afterwhich, he instructed me to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes of cardio!


I sneaked out when he wasn't looking.

That was Tuesday night. I've been in horrible pain ever since.

A guy from my office is an actual Personal Trainer. He told me NOT do do anything that other guy told me. He gave me some simple instructions, which I intend to follow as soon as the burning pain in my large and small muscle groups fades. Probably my next visit on Saturday.

Tonight, I went in to that gym, armed with a towel, a bottle of water, and an arm-band radio with ear-buds. I hit the treadmill for 25 minutes and got my heart rate to a perfect speed. Then, I went the hell home.

I feel pretty good.
Oh, I'm crushing something fierce on somebody at work. ...and it's not a guy... Gaaaaaah! Can you stand it????

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