I've ALWAYS been a party animal!

I've found my box of pictures in my mother's closet. I was supposed to get these pics two years ago, but we sent them to her house by mistake. It's so weird looking at them and trying to remember my childhood.

Things with my mother are good. Today...

She's in a nice home with other old ladies - some of whom are in worse shape than she is. Although, my brother took her out for dinner tonight and she had a glass of wine. She wanted MOOOOOORREEEEE and there apparently was quite the scene when he refused her request. He might also have broken her wheelchair, putting it into the trunk. Fucker.

I've been thinking about Mr. Tom DeLay off and on for a couple of days. The stuff he says? Like, you know, he thinks he's making sense and whatnot. Judges can serve with "good behavior" - and HE thinks HE and HIS ILK are in any position determine "good behavior". BWAAAAAAH Fucking HAAAAAA!

I suggest we just give each member of the House, say - one hour in front of a microphone and permission to speak their minds. I believe it will become crystal clear who is all about what.

And this 24/7 Pope business??

Is is me?

Have we suddenly become a Catholic country? Did I sleep through the news bulletin????

Is there NOTHING else going on in the world but this new Pope guy getting elected?


I personally could give two figs about some old fart who politicked his way to the top of the church heap, running around in a funny red outfit, telling good working folks when they can screw, and what they can eat for dinner on Friday. It all seems so completely pointless and stupid. Not to mention tedious and boring.

I'd much rather think about my new, firm triceps, or how much time I would like to spend on the treadmill on Thursday. Now that's uplifting and spiritual!

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