Ducks. I love 'em. They're my new favorite critter, and they live across the street.

I used to think ducks were boring birds until I saw six or seven of them flying in a half-assed formation over my apartment building. I swear, they were lost and it was just too funny. Plus, their necks are so long when they fly, it makes me laugh.

I heard a bunch of ducks quacking in the flood channel lake across the street.

Day before yesterday I got a frantic call from the assisted living home where my mother lives. She was having chest pains. Shit! I had to rush over and take her to the emergency room. Boy, those people move fast when you say "chest pains" and point to an old lady! We spent 4 hours in a tiny room together while we waited for results of various lab, x-ray and cardio tests. Nothing showed up, but considering her age and general health, they wanted to admit her. She wouldn't hear of it. She wanted to leave against medical advice. Everyone explained how she could die from a heart attack that didn't show up on the tests. She said she didn't care.

So, I took her home.

We followed up with her regular physician the next day. As she poked and prodded my mother, it became apparent that my mother's "chest pains" were chest pains. Not "chest" pains. Her actual chest hurt due to recent work-outs with a physical therapist...

In other news, President Bush is a dick.

My opinion about the Social Security reform bullshit he's touting, is that he and his disgustingly greedy, hellishly evil business friends want to grab hold of every last nickle there is on the planet. They don't care how they get the money, even off the retirement funds of fellow citizens. They want our pittances to be invested in their businesses - Yeah, like THAT'S going to make me sleep better at night, knowing my retirement funds might just be in, oh, I don't know - freakin' ENRON, or Worldcom stock!

But more than that, Bush is just a dick on principal. And for that matter, so is the "Gropenator", Schwarzenegger. What a boob that guy is, splashing around in the political toilet he's quickly flushing down. Hanging with the union busters, and the "Minutemen" militia. He can't for the life of him, figure out that the people of the great state of California respect teachers, and understand that teachers are paid shit money, and as a compensation for taking care of our snotty nosed brats all year long, teaching them how to read and write and not to be ignorant and whatnot - teachers deserve a nice pension at the end of their careers. We just don't appreciate some foreign bastard suggesting ever so carefully that we gut those pensions in order to pay off our debts!

The people of the great state of California also understand that there is a bigassed problem with illegal immigrants sneaking over the border in order to make better lives for themselves. These immigrants are a problem to be sure. They severely impact our entry-level workforce as well as our already overburdened health care system. However, we think a bunch of hoodless KKK members sporting night-vision goggles and firearms, loitering at the border,is just plain stupid. The REAL problem with illegal immigration is the rich-fuck business owners who insist on propping up their profits by employing folks who will work like dogs for very little pay! It's Schwarzenegger's FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS who are the real reason we've got this mess on our hands.

So, Ahnold is a dick too. No, wait. Bush is a dick. Ahnold is a boob. Yeah, that's it.

Gosh. I feel much better now.


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