Check out the above quote from a TRUE Republican! (I stole it from my "Sista Hot" on the QAF Message Board)

I haven't been updating for a while, because I've been going through some inner changes. Not to mention some outer changes.

I'm shrinking!

Listen, (she says with the conviction of the newly converted) - DO NOT DIET! EVER!!! Dieting is torturous to your body and does NOT work! Exercise is the key. Just exercise. Throw away the scale! Be free of self hatred! Join a gym and work that ass!!!! The fat will go and the muscles will come...

I'm shrinking, but there is a problem. I discovered whilst closely observing my rear-end this morning that I suffer from a little known, but none the less tragic condition we shall now call C.A.S., or "Collapsed Ass Syndrome". Yikes! Don't ask, just don't ask... Time to get on the butt machine, and pronto! My ass, minus some of it's fat, appears to have started to flow down the backs of my legs!! I'm going to need to wear a panty girdle just to hold the sucker up! Oh, the HUMANITY!!!!

I anxiously await notification that my letter to the editor of the Washington Post has been accepted. I wrote complaining about the FDA's newest bone-headed move, disallowing gay men who have had gay sex (like they'd choose another kind?) within the past 5 years - to become sperm donors. Hello???? Like, HIV has been in the front of the news for, oh, 20+ years now - and there have been reliable tests for the virus since 1984. Why NOW are we deciding gay men are diseased and dangerous??? Gee... I vote for George Dubya Bush and his band of roving gay bashers! After all, every fascist has to have a group of people to pin all the ills of society onto. You-know-who had the Jews. Dubya's got the 'Mo's.

Anyway, if I get into the paper, I'll be very thrilled.

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