That was Heather at my door just now. She wanted to borrow some tape to wrap her sister's gift with. I couldn't let her in my apartment, because one of my cats had just taken a large dump on the throw rug that is next to the litter box, in front of the door... So, I'm standing there chatting, holding the door, acting like there isn't a pile of cat poop two feet behind me.

I hate my cats!

Last weekend I forced myself to attend about 20 minutes of "The Roundup". That is a large convention held each summer, consisting of about 3,000 recovering alcoholics and their families.

I've attended for 15 years.

This year, after hyperventillting, I decided "The Roundup" is not for me... I have decided that ginormous crowds of people, all talking at the same time, with bad, live music in the background isn't necessarily - and does not need to be, my cup of tea. I can enjoy and participate in my sobriety just as well, without partaking of "The Roundup".

Whew! Only took me 15 years to come to terms with my own limitations.

In other news, Tom Cruise is nuts. I can't wait to see some of THESE "FREE KATIE" T-shirts around town. Tee Hee! Poor girl. What a dumb career move!
I re-upped my D-Land gold membership for another 3 months, but I keep getting emails from Andrew stating I need to sign up again. I've emailed him back with the Paypal transaction ID #. I sure hope some glitch won't cause me to lose my beautiful page on about 1.5 days... I guess we'll see!
Oh, and check the new link at the top of my page (while you still can) - The link goes to Michigan Rep John Conyers Jr.'s page regarding the "Downing Street Memo" and a petition you can sign to demand Dubya answer some pointed questions. This could be our chance to impeach the bum - along with his crooked cronies! Please check it out! Thanks!

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