You know, I really love LiveJournal.com... So nicely run and so anonymous.

I can write, and I don't feel like everyone I know is reading my journal. I don't feel the need to be entertaining, or pithy. I write just for me.

However, I've given Andrew one.more.chance to quit fucking around and either reinstate my Gold membership or give me a fucking refund! I'm sorry if he's got problems at home, but we pay good money for this service - and we should fucking get it!

In other news, the crack heads downstairs have threatened to shoot me...

I'm going down there later to confront them. See, I accidentally got one of them evicted last month. He had another crack head who visited with a fast car, and he would drive on our street, and down our driveway - and even once through the Little League parking lot - at the time, filled with the Special Olympics kids and their families at upwards of 60 miles an hour. All those little Jimmys and Timmys diving out of the way while this asshole sped past.

I couldn't take it! I ran outside and got up in his grill. Then, I called the manager of our building and she told me she was just about to evict the tentant anyway.

Of course, they all blame me now. And the mentally disturbed woman who lives next door to the crack head tenant told my kid that they were plotting against me last night...

It really pisses me off that someone can decide to kill another person. They have no idea how many people that death will impact. Like me, for instance... I have 53 days until my kid is legally an adult. 53 days until I can get laid. Not to mention my alzheimerish mother who needs me to pick up her medicine and her adult diapers... God forbid my layabout brother could do anything for her!

Plus, if they kill me, I won't get the chance to move out of this cesspool of a country and up to Canada where I belong. With the moose and the polar bears.


Happy Canada Day!

Oh joy. Just got a rent increase. $30 more a month. To live here where crack heads plot against me in the night...

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