I got a raise! Wooooooooot!

I had to laugh, even thought it wasn't a bit funny. You know, how I am addicted to C-SPAN? Yeah. Best soap opera going. Well, they started debating stem cell research yesterday. And that political whore, "Dr."/Senator Frist broke away from Der Fuehrer Bush by coming out ever so cautiously for embryonic stem cell research... Of course, he's not REALLY a moderate, he just wants to appear like one, since he's toying with running for President in 2008, and observed how pretending to be moderate worked so well for Dubya when he confused the idiot electorate in 2000. Anyway, I digress...

So this small group of religious freak Republican reps held a news conference in opposition to embryonic stem cell research. Part of their rationale was that science did not support the theory that a brand new, ready to become anything stem cell from an embryo, was better at becoming, I don't know - anything - like a nerve cell, or a brain cell, or a pancreatic cell than an old, rickity, already been something for 40 years cell. Plus that old drunkard Tom Delay was there blathering on about sanctity of life, blah, blah, blah. I had to laugh, because weren't these the same medical marvels who were able to diagnose Terri Schaivo from an old video tape? Yeah. Like their credentials are good for something other than lining the bird cage with!

Listen. In my not so humble opinion, it's real easy to come out in defense of "babies". Imaginary "babies" "Babies" that are no more than 4 cells big. Babies are cute and cuddly. Who wouldn't be in favor of babies??? It's a no-brainer! The hard part is coming out in favor of already born, not so cuddly, troublesome, expensive, blood and guts actual human beings.

That's what takes heart, and courage, and integrity. When I look at these whiney, backwards thinking, narrow minded, holier than thou representative, with their game show host haircuts (did I use enough adjectives???), all I see are political whores.

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