You know that whole BLOGATHON event? And how I was going to Blog for The Trevor Project?

Yep. Forgot it was today...

In order to keep my karma all shiney and new, I'm just going to mail The Trevor Project $10, which was about all I could get people to pledge for me anyway. I probably couldn't have made it 24 hours anyway. Hell, I can't even remember what day it is, let along remain conscious for an entire one!

My week has been exciting anyway. Tuesday, I tried out for, and was accepted into our city's Civic Chorale! Who knew? I secretly thought the director was going to laugh me out of the room after he put me throught my musical paces, but he asked if I wanted to join! Did I???? Woot!

I think I'm going to really enjoy this "empty nest syndrome". I've got a singing gig in December. They're playing CARNEGIE HALL in May!

Pretty effing cool, huh?

I think I'll take tap dancing next year.

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