Tomorrow my sweet, cuddly bundle of joy will turn 18.

She goes to college now, and has a job where they seem to like her. She's thrifty with money and plans to vote Democrat. She's never had a drink of alcohol, smoked a joint, or gone past French kissing with a boy. She says she won't be having sex very soon, as I've made her sufficiently terrified of the penis.

My job is done.
And after today, I will never contemplate or speak of her father again (except to her, if she speaks of him - which she barely does any more.)
I have a low FICO score! I'm so ashamed! Suze Orman would absolutely PLOTZ if she saw it! I just found out my FICO score and how desperately low it is... Before that, I felt just fine. Now I can't stop thinking about what a poor credit risk I must be! Well, it's not like I'm a poor credit risk. I pay my bills on time. God, do I ever pay those bills. It's just that I have an assload of them. I'd better go purchase a lotter ticket, because according to my calculations, winning the lottery is the only way I'm going to be able to raise my FICO score within my lifetime...

Well, the Sony Corporation thought enough of my FICO score to send me a Platinum card on Saturday. Yeah. That's ALL I need! More fucking CREDIT CARDS! GAAAAAAAH!

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