I've taken a 4-day weekend and had planned to relax. However, the news is just too compelling and heartbreaking. I can't stay away from it.

I cannot imagine how there was so little violence. If something of this magnitude had happened in Los Angeles, there would certainly be cars on fire, massive, massive looting, gunplay three times more dangerous than they've had in NO. I'm so impressed with the civility (under in-human conditions) shown by the citizens of that region. God bless 'em.

I was glad to see some help finally arrive. Just the idea of the victims having a cool drink of water after so many days and nights, abandoned - makes me weep...

Yesterday, I used humor to keep from screaming. I watched as former Presidents Bush and Clinton were interviewed on CNN. At one point, the interviewer (SuzAAAAHn Malveaux) asked Bush senior if he thought the gas prices should be lowered at this time. He said "I think that's for the government to decide. I don't know much about it"

"Excuse me???!!!" I screamed at my television. "You're an OIL MAN! You sit on the board of directors of the Carlisle Group!" Jesus! That's like Bill Clinton saying he doesn't understand fellatio!

And later in the day, my co-worker was saying she would really hate to be President Bush, because of the disaster (and his lack of timely response), plus the mess he's got us into over in Iraq. I said "I'm sure glad he doesn't know what's going on, or he'd be really worried!"

Sheesh. I should be writing Jay Leno's stuff!

Everyone in the Gulf Coast area - take good care.

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