Here's hoping that Dianna suffered no further losses when Rita re-hit New Orleans.

What a fucking mess this all is.

The weather in these parts is lovely. Getting cooler and greyer. I'm actually wearing sweats and it's comfortable. Yippee! Autumn is approaching in So-Cal.

In a bit, I'll tidy up the front of the apartment and head to the supermarket to purchase copius quantities of baking goodies. Or, better yet - I'll put on a pot of turkey chili. Yes! The seasons are a-changing!

I watched part of a sweet little rally they had over in Washington D.C. this morning. Apparently, the streets were jam-packed with beautiful people who want nothing more than to re-claim the United States for the citizenry - and run that rat-bastard George W. Bush and his fascist-corporatist gang outta Dodge.

Makes me proud to be an American!

I'm broke. Broke-assed-broke. But I'm happy.

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