Last night was chorale practice, We're rehearsing tons of music for the annual Christmas concert here in town. In the first half of the concert, we're performing some Vivaldi and Beethovan, Mozart... you know, the usual suspects. In the second half, there will be carols and whatnot.

We're just now going through some of the carols for the first time, and I've not heard or performed a few of them before.

Well, the last carol of the program is a little ditty called "Peace, Peace" by Rick and Slvia Powell. It's been adapted by a couple of guys by the names of Jay Rouse and Camp Kirkland. The harmonies are simple, and exquisite, and the lyrics remind us that the season is supposed to be one of joy and love and peace... And it hit me all at once, with the gorgeous sounds and the sweet words, that we won't be having any peace on earth - any time soon, no matter how sweetly we sing our songs of joy and good cheer.

And I started to cry in rehearsal.

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