You know what's really anxiety provoking? Being thisclose to having to out for Thanksgiving dinner and thisclose to paying for next semester for the kid at college - and thisclose to Christmas - all the while attempting to pay down my enormous credit card debt (which keeps me from enjoying my ginormous paycheck) and realizing with unshakable certitude that my life might just depend upon purchasing four new tires for the Geo...

I of course, couldn't afford to pay cash for them, but I didn't want to charge them either. And I'm way too old to try trading sex for tires any more - though it did cross my mind. But I recalled that my goddess, Suze Orman mentioned that buying life saving stuff was a good reason to use the credit cards. This was a life-saving purchase as my back tires were showing the cords and all... So I split the difference and paid half on the Dixcover and half on my ATM. Still, I can't bring myself to reconcile the remainder of my monthly budget quite yet. The shock and pain are too recent.

It'll all work out. My tires are cool! They hold the road and I can stop the car and everything!
I watched something very fun on C-Span this afternoon. It was a repeat of last Thursday's hearing into Jack Abramoff (notorious felon and good friend of Dubya)'s crimes involving Native American affairs and the dumbest bimbo who ever walked... I think her name is Italia Fascetti or something like that. Apparently she was an *unwitting* go-between for Abramoff with the BIA/Interior Department. She got half a million *generous* dollars donated to her group "Republicans for Good Ecology" or some such crap - from Indian tribes. And Mr. Abramoff simply requested favors from time to time - such as asking her to speak on his/their behalf regarding gambling casinos and whatnot - with some of her *friends* on Capitol Hill - which, of course, was obviously complete coincidence...

Watching Senator McCain and Senator Dourgin beat her ass was truly popcorn-worthy. Do try and catch it on a re-run if you can.

I have laundry to do and now I must go out and forage for quarters.

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