Gosh, has it been two weeks since I last wrote something here? Real life hasn't been too exciting, but I've been busy none-the-less. I've been freaking out over finances and Christmas shopping and getting ready for the Chorale gig next week. The ONLY reason I'm still doing the concert is because I want to complete something. Other than that, I'm not enchanted one whit with the stupid chorale. Money making? Hell, you could go broke just singing with them! $50 for the costume. $15 for the special shirt worn ONE TIME - required pearl earrings and necklace for the costume? $who knows... - $25 music deposit, $5 rehearsal CD, $15 for karaoke party admission (didn't attend), $6.00 for required poinsettia for concert - 2 dozen cookies - to re-sell at the concert $unknown - ticket for my kid to sit through concert? $12. - performance CD? I haven't heard the price yet, but I assume it will NOT be free...

Plus, I really, really don't enjoy performing. I just wanted to find out if I could get in. I did. I'm done. The fat lady has sung...
I'm very busy knitting my fingers to the bone. Gosh, how cost-effective to make lovely warm and fashionable scarves for my co-workers! For $4.99 in yarn, plus time spent knitting in front of the television, I am creating memorable and useful gifts!
Saw "RENT". I have the soundtrack but have never seen the play. The movie was really good - once I got past the fact that the actors are now pushing 40, but playing 20-somethings (except for my girl, Rosario Dawson of course). So now that I have a film to go with the music, the music makes more sense.

Speaking of movies - I cannot, cannot, cannot wait until next weekend when "Brokeback Mountain" opens! Hummina-hummina-hummina... Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal snuggled up in same sleeping bag? Completely worth the price of admission!
Remember that TV show, "Grace Under Fire" starring commedianne Brett Butler? Well, she's got a pretty nice blog Brettbutler.com. Most of the site is still under contstruction, but she blogs almost daily in the "missives" section. I liked her show, and I'm glad she's not dead from all her drug usage.
Gotta go decorate the tree.

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