Now I know what the passengers aboard the Titanic must have felt like just before that last dip into the icy waters...

Yep. We crashed and burned on stage last night. I've seen my life pass before my eyes, and it wasn't pretty. But it was a whole lot prettier than our attempt to complete the Beethoven.

See, we got a bit over confident what with our Friday night debut going so flawlessly and all. We just got comfortable. We being the chorale AND our conductor.

The program was coming along, we'd gotten through the Vivaldi by the skin of our teeth, then that Russian number... The Beethoven had presented no challenge previously. What could go wrong?

Let's see... The conductor decided to start us at about TWICE as slow as we'd ever sung it. Soooooooo sloooooow that a half note took about 20 seconds. We weren't good enough musicians to count that slowly and sing the thing correctly. Apparently the Alto's came in too early on one section and began the now-legendary Beethoven train-wreck. By the time we finished, we had even confused the orchestra, and they came in too early! I thought our conductor was about to have a freakin' heart attack he was so embarrassed and so pissed off.

Just glad it's in the past so we can move on from there. After the performance, I just left out the back door without seeing if anyone I knew was in the audience.

Very upsetting. But funny, even so. That's show business, folks! Shit happens. Oh, and the topper? They're going to be re-playing the concert over and over and over and over again on our local city TV station.

Heh. Happy Holidays! Sheeesh!

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