Ahhh, happy 2006. Hardly noticed anything different here - except for a few nutcases with firecrackers, it's been quiet.

2006 is going to be my year. That's all I'm saying at this juncture. But it is.


Good God almighty, what an amazing movie.

I don't think there are words accurate enough to describe it.

There were... sheep, mountains, horses, bears, rivers, sweeping vistas, a toe-curling musical score... and two gorgeous, heartwrenching cowboys in love like nothing you've ever seen before.

Brokeback Mountain is the kind of film you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. I know this because that's what I did last night.

You have to see it. You simpy have to see it.

The theater we went to was right in the middle of Republican territory. Didn't matter, the place was packed - couples on dates, old ladies, teens. Everyone was quiet during practically the whole movie - except for the sniffles at the end - because this is a heartbreaker of a film. Bring tissues.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (especially Heath Ledger, who as the character Ennis, holds himself in such tight reserve it is painful to watch at times) will be forever in my mind, Ennis and Jack. I couldn't even see "A Knight's Tale" or "The Day After Tomorrow" which were both on TV today, without sorta choking up and needing to change the channel.

Seriously. It's that good.

Brokeback Mountain gets 5 out of 5 cow plops.

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