Heh... I just got tagged by July on a dare: Write 5 weird things about yourself...

1. I have conversations with my pets in which I ask one of them a question, answer back in their voice and then argue my points back and forth (while they just sit or lie there and stare at me). It passes the time whilst I'm doing dishes and I've had this habit since I was a child.

2. When I was in high-school, I was awarded a prize by "The Girl Watchers of America" group - as a "Most Watchable Girl". If I remember correctly, my prize was some flowers and come "L'eggs" pantyhose... Times have changed.

3. You know those cans of frosting? Every once in a while, I'll open one up and eat some of the frosting right out of the can with a spoon.

4. I can't read the book if I've watched the movie and I can't read a book more than one time.

5. I have a mild case of tourette's syndrome and one of my most interesting tics is that I trace everything with my eyes. So certain patterns in wallpaper, or like, mantle pieces with ornate carvings, make me absolutely crazy. I can't even look at them or I start to get nauseated and very very cranky. And that tv commercial for HP where the photos keep multiplying? Forgeddaboudit!

Okay. Time to tag 5 people:
Hows about Dana-Elayne, Kathy, Thomas, Jenn, and Zonnie
Okay - bring on the WEIRD!

What a hellacious week at work! They fired laid off the VP who works across the way from me. While his assistant was on vacation - poor thing. He called her to give her the news and she freaked out and called me bawling. (Personally, I couldn't stand the guy. Although he was a pleasant enough fellow on the surface - his entire identity was tied up in his "yacht club" and how much money he spent on stuff. Also, he was completely clueless regarding other humans, and his politics were disturbing to me on a daily basis. Plus he was very unhappy at his job and dragged a lot of others down with his negative attitude and lackluster performance. So, all-in-all I was pleased with him being dispatched with extreme prejudice).

However, this turn of events makes things uncomfortable for the hired help like me, because one of the other VP's is going to take over the spot in addition to his regular duties - meaning there may be one less executive assistant position and one gal hanging out on a limb. Not me, but two of my better gal-pals are involved. Whatever they decide, one or both of them are going to be upset.

Plus, they've apparently hired a new person within the company - someone shrouded in some sort of mystery.

I'm happy it's the weekend.......

It's Little League sign-up weekend. The weather is glorious. 72 degrees with mostly clear skies. It won't last past today, so I'm appreciating my spot in the universe a whole lot today. I've decided to amend my dream of raising livestock in a snowy clime - to raising livestock right here in California. I love my warm weather far too much to leave it behind now.

Tom DeLay has "decided" not to try and re-claim his job as majority leader. Smart move Tommy. It would have been awfully difficult to run things from your jail cell anyway, ya freaky crook!

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