The guy downstairs roughs his girlfriend up from time to time. Now, they're not married and don't have kids. She's got a good job and a nice car. I don't respect her at all for washing his shit stained underpants after he punches her, but I'd really, really love to run into him (literally) in a dark alley some time.
I've got vertigo. Bleh.
Loved, loved, loved the Golden Globes last night. Loved that my movie won best picture - see, it wasn't just me who loved it - GO SEE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN for God's sake! Loved all the beautiful dresses - even Gweneth Paltrow's frock (don't see what all the negative fuss was about, she looked ethereal). Laughed my ass off at Drew Barrymore's saggy boobs. Girl, when you can tuck those things into your belt, it's time to purchase a foundation garment!

I wish they'd let them have cocktails at the Oscars!

Please. Write and/or call your Senators and demand that they do whatever it takes not to allow Samuel Alito to become a Supreme Court Justice. He's a plant. Not to overturn Roe v. Wade - that will NEVER happen as long as Republicans need votes. He's there to pave the way for a "Unitary" or "Unitarian" Executive branch of the government. He believes, as does King Dubya, that the President should have more power than the Congress or the Court. He has written papers extolling this belief!

Conservatives - THINK! How would YOU like it if President Hillary Clinton was more powerful than your representatives and could stride about making or breaking any law she chose? Why, who knows, she could even - *god forbid* - make GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL!!! Clutches Pearls THINK ABOUT THIS, PEOPLE - and make that call!


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